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These are the best facial sponges ever! Flannels leave my skin looking red and I have to scrub to get my makeup off, but these sponges are so soft on the skin and wipe my make up and cleanser off with ease! They also have a super convenient little label so you can hang them up so they dry easier, they look great and they’re eco-friendly!

Bought these for myself and daughter because we normally use a number of cotton pads to remove makeup so I thought these would be greener and cheaper. They are AMAZING!! So soft and they remove makeup really well, they are perfect for sensitive skin and such good value too which means I can rotate them in the wash regularly

These face sponges are absolutely fabulous. One swoop and most of your makeup is removed. They’re soft, easy to clean and I’m doing my bit for the planet by not using cotton wool pads. Added bonus: They’re not expensive! 10/10 would recommend them.

This is my skin, no makeup or filter after starting to use your pads to apply my cleanser and toner, it feels like the product goes over a lot smoother and it’s definitely making me feel better about my skin 💫xxx

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Adore the face pads - I tried wipes and they felt rough on my skin, and just water was never good enough so ended up being lazy and just leaving on make up - leading to spots, and foundation covered bedding! Until these. I love how padded they are, they feel really great on the skin, and really clean my face so well, and just so quick and easy. Have washed them in the machine and they don’t loose any of their structure - highly recommend these!

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Love my beautiful soft eco friendly face pads they are a game changer, no need to buy cotton wool pads which you have to throw away #savetheplanet.  They are just so soft and feel great on your skin , my skin feels more clean using these because you just need water so no product left on my skin just fresh clean and gleaming , Thank you for adding me looking forward to see more but these little cuties are the best and a bargain x

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Can I just say that I am in love with the facial sponges!! I wanted to use them for a week to see how I felt about them to give you a genuine opinion , and to be honest with you I don’t think I’ll go back to cotton wool pads! They feel firm yet delicate on your skin, I have had zero redness! And whilst I haven’t been wearing make up much, the sponges pick up everyday dirt we collect on our faces! I absolutely love them! And super proud that you have made this fantastic product!! Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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