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One easy way to help to reduce wastage is to take single-use cotton out of our skincare routines. And it’s actually quite simple to embrace a more sustainable addition to your everyday beauty routine.

According to WWF the amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton (which is the amount needed to make one basic white T-shirt), is the same amount of water one person would drink in over three years! How crazy is that???

Bearing in mind, we at least keep our T-shirts for longer than a day, so just imagine how much water we are wasting on a single-use cotton pad?? 

Not only would switching our single-use cotton wool reduce the amount of water waste, but just think how much less waste we would have in ours bins, meaning we wouldn’t be emptying them as much.. Less cotton wool waste equals less cotton wool going into landfill!!!!

HOWEVER, the largest environmental impact is actually due to the pesticides used to grow the cotton in the first place!! This depletes the soil, pollutes the water and can have horrific health impacts on the people responsible for spraying the crops.

Once the cotton has been grown further chemicals are used in the process of turning it into smooth and compact cotton rounds.

So then why would we even want to out these onto our skin??

Have you ever wondered why we get so many problems with our skin? 

Iv been using cotton free products for a while now and the difference in my skin has been incredible. My skin isn’t left feeling red, dry or irritated. 

Kinder to my skin.. Kinder to our planet!!

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