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How to give your skin some tlc after the holiday season.. FOR FREE!

I don't know about you but I always end up over indulging during the holiday season. I say every year that I wont but I just cannot resist, and then my skin always ends up suffering. Dark circles, puffy eyes, and sugar induced breakouts.

I want to share with you a few easy skin care rituals that will get your skin looking healthier and ready to glow. And even better as its for free!

  1. Lymphatic Facial Massage - Give yourself a DIY Facial using some simple massage techniques, this will help to improve the circulation in your skin, removing toxins and waste from your tissues. This will allow fresh nutrients to your skin cells giving you back that healthy glow. To do this I have been using jojoba oil and I absolutely love it, and so does my skin.

  2. Steam your skin and draw out those impurities - This is my favorite skincare regime, my skin always feels amazing after. Has so many benefits, improves circulation, opens pores to get a deeper cleanse, if you suffer with blocked pores a facial steam will have to remove them. (when removing blackheads i only say attempt a couple of times and if not then leave until next time, other wise over squeezing could damage your skin). DIY method is to fill a bowl of boiling water, leave to cool slightly, and then with a towel over your head lean over the bowl allowing the steam to rise to your face. Sit for around 5 minutes to allow for the opening of the pores and moisten the skin. My skin always feels super soft after this step.

  3. Give yourself a full DIY Facial - Give yourself the full works starting with a double cleanse and give your face a little steam. Next, select a powerful exfoliant if you have one, I love a good facial peel (don't worry it doesn't peel off

your skin) it simply eats away at your dead skin cells like little pac men. Removing dead skin cells makes way for those healthy new ones to come through and lets them shine!! Follow with a hydrating mask to give back your skin some much needed moisture, then end your facial with your lymphatic facial massage, not only with this leave your skin glowing, you will feel super relaxed too.

4. Ice Facial - Tighten those pores and tackle inflammation!! Cool water will restrict circulation, instantly tightens pores, reduces puffiness and revitalizes your skin. its literally the ultimate wake up call!! Get some ice cubes in a bowl and once they have melted a little use this water and splash it on your face. If you have any of the CKW Facial Sponges, pop them into the water and use them to work over your skin. Honestly your skin will feel amazing after!!

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